Who We Are

Belmont Finance is a direct sales finance company looking for an opportunity to help you grow your business by purchasing contracts aggressively and helping you with retention.

Our Vision

Our Vision

Owner and Chief Executive Officer

John Harris IV, who organized Belmont as a start-up Finance company in 2005, has had 28 years of operational, entrepreneurial, and business management experience. John oversees the management team of Belmont, including daily involvement of operations and marketing as well as report analysis of all processes and trends. Mr. Harris graduated from U.W. Oshkosh with a business/ communications degree, and a minor in economics.

President and Chief Financial Officer

Eric Sorenson joined Belmont Finance, LLC as Chief Financial Officer in October, 2018 and was promoted to President / CFO in June, 2021.  In these roles Eric is responsible for overall financial and corporate strategies as well as guiding the organization in pursuit of company objectives and goals.

Prior to joining Belmont Finance, LLC Eric held several key roles in multiple fields including banking, manufacturing, and investing.  These roles included Chief Financial Officer, Chief Investment Officer, Vice President of Enterprise Risk Management, and Credit Review Officer.  Throughout his career, Eric has established a reputation leading and driving teams to align financial and business metrics to support company objectives.  Eric holds a BS in both Finance and Accounting from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. 

Vice President of Sales & Marketing

Cara Bloom has followed the mission and core values of Belmont Finance, LLC, to lead and provide management to her team of employees. Her focus includes, but is not limited to: motivating and leading a high performance management team, attracting, recruiting, and retaining the members, and providing mentoring to management with regards to continued career development. Cara has developed, communicated, and implemented effective growth strategies and processes, while representing Belmont with clients, investors, and business partners. Cara attended Madison and has a degree in Marketing and Fashion Merchandising.